Working Restrictions for Student Visa Holders in Australia Return

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In January 2022, restrictions on student visa holders (Subclass 500) and allowed them to work unlimited hours, with the aim of solving labour shortages in Australia, as of the end of June 2023, these restrictions will be re-established.

After July 1st, student visa holders in Australia will be able to work 48 hours per fortnight. Before border restrictions, the number of hours student visa holders could work was just 40 hours per fortnight and this revised number hints that the Australian Government’s previously stated commitment to increasing migration is high on its priority list.

All student visa holders in Australia need to conserve a balance between their studies and work; they must maintain their course enrolment, ensure course attendance, and ensure course progress to fulfil visa conditions.

There are some exceptions for visa holders working in the aged care sector, who will be able to continue working unlimited hours until the end of 2023. Also, students studying higher-level certifications such as a Master or Doctorate will be able to continue working unlimited hours depending on their course.

It is important to note that students who use an ABN to work must follow the same rules and will only be permitted to work 48 hours per fortnight. 

Migration has increased in Australia, but many employers are still finding it difficult to secure qualified staff, particularly in rural areas. Permanent Residency pathways are now being offered to more migrants including those holding the Temporary Skill Shortage visa.

Skilled visas are the best way to secure Permanent Residency in Australia and a recent directive made it clear that applicants with skills in the education and health sectors are the most highly sought-after.

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