Visa Refusals & Cancellations


When applying for any kind of visa, there’s always the chance that your visa application could be refused. If you feel like the refusal of your visa application is not justified and would like to do something to reverse that decision, contact EasyMigrate immediately and we will help you draft a solid appeal to put you in the best position to reverse that decision.

Once the Department of Immigration and Border Protection refuses your visa application, you can generally contest that decision to get it reversed. The Australian Government has set up specialised Tribunals where you can present your appeal to get your application reviewed and, with the right experts by your side, have your visa granted. The Administrative Appeals Tribunal (Migration Division) is one such institution that has been set specifically for the purposes of appealing to have the Department’s decision reversed.

Visa application refusal is not uncommon. Considering the complicated visa pathways that one must go through to gain residence in Australia, it is not the easy to have your visa granted without the help of experienced Migration Lawyers. Some of the reasons why your visa application may be refused include:
· The Department of Immigration is not satisfied with the evidence brought before it
· Misunderstanding between the applicant and the officials at the Department of Immigration
· There are some questions concerning the legality of the applicant or the premise within which he/she has lodged an application

In some cases, a refusal form the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (Migration Division) to Court where further consideration may be given to your case to see whether the Tribunal’s decision is valid. You also request that the Minister of Immigration intervenes in your matter if the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (Migration Division) affirms the Department of Immigration’s decision in relation to a visa refusal or other Immigration matter.

In order to ensure your case has the best prospects of success, you are better off with a team of experienced migration lawyers who will present your visa application in the best way possible to guarantee you approval on the first try. EasyMigrate are able to assist and provide guidance for the following scenarios:

· Visa Application Refusals 
· Cancellation of Visas
· Negative decisions from the AAT – contesting the decision in court or seeking Ministerial Intervention
· Character issues or the existence of a prior criminal record that could hinder your application’s approval
· Existing health problems that could impact negatively on your visa application’s approval

Remember, when you face refusals, you can always get approved on the second application.

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