Skilled Professionals

General Skilled Migration Visas

This visa category - inclusive of all its subclasses - is specifically for people who possess any one or more skills listed in the Skilled Occupation List ( The new MLTSSL and STSOL lists awarded as from 1 July 2017).

There are certain basic eligibility criteria that apply to ALL General Skilled Migration (GSM) visas.

Basic Eligibility Criteria for General Skilled Migration Visas

To apply for a GSM visa you must:

  • Be less than 45 years old at the time of application; and
  • Possess a qualification that is equivalent to the Australian bachelor’s degree, diploma or trade qualification; and
  • Nominate an occupation from the approved Skilled Occupation List (MLTSSL, STSOL) ; and
  • Undergo a skills assessment (suitable for your occupation) by an assessing authority before you apply for the visa; and
  • Submit acceptable scores of IELTS, OET, Pearson (Academic), or Cambridge (CAE) tests as evidence of your competence in English Language.
 General Skilled Migration Visa Categories

There are several subclasses of visas in the GSM programme. These visas are divided into two major categories, (i.e. permanent and provisional) and may be applied when the applicant(s) is/are either onshore (i.e. inside Australia) or offshore.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements or click here for a detailed assessment of your particulars towards migration to Australia.

Other Skilled Visas

Provisional / Temporary Skilled Visas  

  • Skilled - Recognised Graduate (Temporary) Visa
  • Skilled - Regional Sponsored (Provisional) Visa
  • Skilled - Family Sponsored (Provisional) Visa
  • Skilled - Graduate (Temporary) Visa
  • Skilled - Graduate Post-Qualification Work (Provisional) Visa

Permanent Residence Visas

  • Distinguished Talent Visa
  • Skilled - Independent (Migrant) Visa
  • Skilled - State Sponsored (Migrant) Visa
  • Skilled - Regional (Permanent) Visa