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Established in 2001, EasyMigrate merged with Australian Migration & Citizenship Services (AMCS) July 2019 becoming one of Australia’s leading migration agents and provider of immigration services. The new entity has created one of the biggest immigration organisations of its type in WA.

The merger with AMCS  (based on the Ground Floor 12 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000 – opposite Duxton Hotel), has further strengthened our knowledge and expertise in the Australian Immigration sector. EasyMigrate’s specialises in Employer-based migration, General Skilled and family migration. EasyMigrate also specialises in student in student-admissions and visas (EasyStudy). AMCS specialises in Corporate, Investment & Business Owner visas and also General Skilled Migration for Australia. The combination of these two large migration agencies will provide confidence to our clients that we can cover all aspects of Australian migration under one roof.

We share our premises with a well-known law firm Loughton Yorke Lawyers. This allows us to handle AAT appeals and even Court Appeals for our clients.

In addition to immigration matters, Loughton Yorke Lawyers provide services in commercial law, employment and Wills & Estate Law. Some of these commercial and employment issues often cross into immigration issues.

We provide expert immigration advice and Australian visa application assistance across all areas and types of Australian visas to clients from all corners of the globe who are seeking to enter or remain in Australia – whether temporarily or permanently.

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At EasyMigrate, our focus is to make your Australian immigration process as ‘easy’ and stress-free as possible

Migrations Agents Perth

Acquiring a visa can be a complicated process for those looking to migrate to Australia. When going through the application process, it’s best to have someone guide you so that unnecessary mistakes aren’t made and your progress towards receiving the visa doesn’t run into any speedbumps.

Even simply determining which type of visa you should apply for – did you know the Australian government issues over 100 different visas to travelers and prospective residents? – can cause a headache to those who don’t have a good understanding of the country’s immigration system.

Migration agents are those who have made it their career to understand that immigration system and help people travel to and stay in Australia. At EasyMigrate, we have years of experience and – as you may gather from our company name – our goal is to make things easy for you so that you need not navigate the labyrinth of Australian immigration laws and visas alone!

Should I Hire a Migration Agent?

Australian visas and visa applications really are a specialized area as a result of their complexity, requiring a good deal of study and practical experience gained by seeing applicants through the process to truly understand.

If you’re looking to migrate to Australia, it makes a lot of sense to hire a migration agent. Perth migration agents such as those on our team have expertise built through years of education and experience helping people just like you to acquire the visas they need. By working with a migration agent, you’ll be able to expedite the process and migrate to the country sooner rather than later.

Below, we’ll look at some situations for which you’ll need a specialized visa, and how we can help you with acquiring one. First, though, we’ll take a look at what to do if you have a visa that’s about to expire.

Can I Extend My Visa?

If your visa expiration date draws near, and you don’t know what to do, contacting a qualified migration agent is your best bet.
Unfortunately, there is no way to extend an expiring visa. What you can do, however, is apply for a new visa.

Since the best way to expedite the visa process is by working with a migration agent, and you may be running out of time before your visa expires (maybe you are unable to leave the country due to ongoing travel restrictions), it follows that you certainly should work with an experienced migration agent as soon as possible!

Now, on to some of the most common types of visas that EasyMigrate works with.

Temporary Work Visa

If you’d like to work in Perth on a temporary basis you will, of course, first need a visa. In this case, visas such as the Skilled Independent visa (which invites workers under 45 with unique talents to the country) or the Working Holiday visa (which allows for young people to spend up to a year living and working in Australia) may be relevant. Another is the Graduate visa, which is given to recent graduates who have skills that may be in short supply in Australia, similar to the purpose of the Skilled Independent visa.

Permanent Residence Visa

There are more than 40 types of visas that allow for permanent residence in Australia. One common type is the Employer-Sponsored 186 visa, which is used when companies want one of their employees to work for a long period of time in a region of Australia.

Another is the Partner visa (divided into Subclass 820 and Subclass 801) which allows partners of Australian citizens or residents to migrate to and live in the country.

We advise on these types of visas and many others – together, we’ll determine the best option for your situation.

Partner and Family Visas

Maybe you’re in a serious relationship with an Australian citizen or resident and want to be closer to them. If so, you’ll need to apply for the Partner visa or the Prospective Marriage visa.

Additionally, Australian citizens are able to sponsor family members and dependents to join them in the country: the Parent visa and the Child visa are relevant here, and we have plenty of experience with both.

Student Visas

Perth is known for its fine education institutions, and studying in warm, sunny Australia can be a joy for foreign citizens. Applying for and receiving the subclass 500 Student visa will pave the way to your formative years in the land down under, and we’ll be more than happy to help you navigate this process so you can get to learning and having fun.

Visitors’ Visa

Perhaps you just want to visit Perth and relax on some of our beautiful beaches or see attractions such as the Bell Tower. If this is the case, you’ll still need a visa!
The Visitor visa (subclass 600) permits guests to stay in the country for 3, 6, or even 12 months. Of course, they must demonstrate they are able to financially support themselves during their stay.

Covid-19 Travel Ban Exemptions

The Covid-19 pandemic has, of course, complicated travel between countries, and you may be from a country whose citizens are currently barred access to Australia but nonetheless find yourself needing to visit or stay in the country.

If that’s the case, you may be qualified to receive a travel ban exemption. This is possible in situations where, for example, you provide a critical service to the country. Talk with us about your situation and we’ll be able to help you determine whether or not you’ll be permitted to enter Australia.

Visa Refusals, Cancellations, and Appeals

Maybe you’ve applied for a visa that was subsequently refused or canceled. You may not understand why, or feel the reason given was not valid. If so, it is possible to appeal the decision, and we can help you with this! These cases can be complicated, and so here you’ll certainly need an experienced migration agent such as those on our team to help you determine what exactly “went wrong” and rectify the problem.

The EasyMigrate Ethos

Just as every person is different, every visa application is different – some may be coming to Australia to study, others for business endeavors, and still others to become residents. These differences are precisely why our team puts so much emphasis on providing a customized approach to each case we work on.

Our goal at EasyMigrate is to work with you, making the process as simple as it possibly can be. With over 20 years of experience, we know everything there is to know about the immigration process and want to use our knowledge to help out those who just want to get here as quickly as possible.

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Moving to another country can be difficult – living in a new place where you may not know anyone, searching for a job, or adapting to the language are all tough things to cope with.

We think you’ll probably have quite enough stress without having to navigate the labyrinthine visa application process, and so our goal at EasyMigrate is to save you from that by doing it for you!

If you’d like to know what your options are, feel free to contact us by phone at +61 8 9221 4888 or via e-mail at We’ll discuss your situation with you and, if you choose to work with us, determine the best visa for you and the simplest and quickest way to get it in your hands.

Australian Immigration Visa Applications

We are skilled and experienced in preparing primary visa applications and reviewing applications for every kind of visa, but we do more than just that.

Our commitment to you goes beyond merely managing your online Australian visa application. We provide information and guidance on living costs, employment, housing, health care and other critical aspects. We work as partners in your relocation to Australia, counselling you on several complex issues that arise when settling in a foreign country.

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