Visa Assessment enquiries

Making an enquiry with EasyMigrate is ‘Easy’!

If you would like more information about migration to Australia, or to find out if you qualify for an Australian visa, please use one of the following methods to contact us.


Free pre-assessment: 


Prefer to deal with a real person? Request a call back…

Do you have a few quick questions you want to ask, or want a preliminary indication of what visas (if any) you may be eligible for before paying for a full detailed assessment? If your answer is yes then request a (free) call back from one of our qualified and experienced Migration Consultants who will be able to call you at a time convenient to you and briefly address any queries or assess your suitability for an Australian visa.

Request A Call Back


 Aternatively, complete an Online Assessment form…

Complete and submit our online enquiry form to have one of our qualified and experienced Migration Consultants perform a (free) pre-assessment of your eligibility for an Australian visa. 

Complete our Web Assessment form

Free pre-assessments are not intended to be a full/in-depth assessment of your visa eligibility. If your Migration Consultant does not believe there are any visa options available to you, they will inform you accordingly before you expend further time and money. If your Migration Consultant believes there may be visa options/pathways available to you that ought to be assessed further, they will provide you with a brief outline of potential visa options and advise you to book in for a detailed assessment (see below) to discuss the matter further. 


Detailed Assessments (Visa Consultation)


Book a face-to-face (or telephone) appointment with one of our qualified and experienced Migration Consultants who will be able to discuss your individual circumstances and outline any visa options/pathways available to you. Appointments can be made at a time convenient to you by using our online booking system. 

Initial Consultations are charged at AUD$150 (discounted to AUD$90 for Australian student visa holders) and can be paid for through our online booking system at the time of booking. Any subsequent (follow-up) appointments required are charged at AUD$50 (or AUD$30 for Australian student visa holders).

If you are eligible for an Australian visa and choose to engage EasyMigrate to assist with the preparation and lodgement of your visa application, the value of your initial consultation will be credited towards your visa application preparation fees.

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