New Ministerial Direction Underlines the Australian Government’s Migration Vision

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After a 2-year border closure, massive labour shortages have made high-value job vacancies a lot more common and Australian migration now puts you in a very different job landscape.

An extra 35,000 visas places to live, work and study in Australia are being issued right now.

In order to capitalise on the extra workers arriving in the country this financial year, the department of home affairs issued Ministerial Direction 100. If you haven’t heard of it, it is designed to streamline visa processing for some understaffed sectors and long-term visa types such as skilled visa applications.

After finalising almost 3 million visas in a very short 6-month period, the government said that the huge amount of applications processed was down to the efforts of 260 extra staff, hired in June. Over 43,000 temporary skilled applications and over 47,000 permanent skilled visa applications were processed at that time.

The new direction increases the efficiency at which skilled visas, particularly those applicants with skills in the education and health sectors. It will also help small businesses seeking to recruit overseas workers, going some way towards solving the still problematic skills shortage.

It prioritises offshore permanent and provisional skilled visa applications in order to get more migrants into Australia and address labour shortages. It also allows for a more dynamic response to changing labour market needs. 

Some applicants may have been put off migrating to Australia during the Covid-19 pandemic. Still, it seems that the Australian Government is now far more willing to embrace higher levels of immigration in order to help the economy recover.

The unemployment rate is at its lowest point since 1974 and Australian Migration is about to take off there are now more visa places on offer. It is an exceedingly good time to contact Easy Migrate and secure your future in a safe, beautiful, prosperous country like Australia.