Top Twenty Occupations in Australia Revealed: Programmers, Nurses in Very High Demand

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There are almost 9,000 unfilled vacancies for registered nurses and over 6,000 vacancies for software programmers down under, according to the Labour Market Update report from Jobs and Skills Australia.

Whilst many industries in the country are seeing improvements in the labour market, a high proportion of positions which require higher education remain unfilled, with vacancy rates for nurses and motor mechanics in the outback sitting above 10 percent.

Employment in Electricity, Gas, Water and Waste Services increased a whopping 22.3 percent in December 2022 year-on-year, while filled positions in Construction, Transport, Postal and Warehousing increased over 10 per cent.

Regional areas are still experiencing the highest job vacancy rate, but the report found that employers in capital cities are finding it easier to fill positions than in other areas, as people return to major cities after lockdowns and border restrictions.

In capital cities, recruitment difficulty peaked at 75 percent in August 2022 but since declined to 63 percent in December 2022. Regional areas faced similar challenges filling vacancies in 2022.

According to the report, the skills and labour shortage does seem to be easing in some sectors, which is good news for employers. Difficulties in filling positions peaked in August 2022 then steadily declined later in the year

There is still a gamut of jobs to fill in Australia and the report outlined that occupations such as civil engineers, chefs, teachers, marketing professionals, retail managers and software programmers are still in very high demand.

Australia’s total job vacancies reached 444,200 in the November 2022 quarter, down slightly on the previous quarter, but up a significant 46,000 places or 11.6 percent on last year.

Australia is ramping up its migration programme and the government has thrown its weight behind a revamped migration initiative with tens of thousands more visa places and vastly improved visa processing times.