West Australian State Nominations – SkillSelect Invitation Results

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The West Australian Government has released the statistical analysis of the WA STATE NOMINATION results (Expressions of Interest – EOI) for the “WA Graduate Stream) in their General Skilled Migration or “GSM” visas:

Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190) and

Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 489).

(Statistical analysis of the recent INDEPENDENT INVITATION ROUNDS and STATE-NOMINATION STATISTICS are also available on our website – https://www.easymigrate.com/news/ )

EasyMigrate is one of Australia’s leading migration agencies, based in Perth, Western Australia. Our Registered Migration Consultant Mr Cyrus Mistry (principal migration agent Perth) has reviewed these statistics – commentary is given below

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The West Australian Government has a special sub-program called the “WA Graduate Stream” program.

International students who have studied in Western Australia for at least two years at a “tertiary” or university level can become eligible for this. There is a special list called the “WA Graduate Occupations List” or WA-GOL and the international student’s nominated “occupation” has to be on this list.

This is under the General Skilled Migration program. Applicants can opt for “WA State Nomination – Graduate Stream” –

(a)      subclass 190 permanent residency

(b)      subclass 489 “Regional Nomination” which is a four-year temporary residency leading to permanent residency subclass 887 after meeting regional residency and regional employment conditions.

There are many criteria that must be satisfied but the main ones are:

(1)        The international student must have completed at least two years of study in Western Australia at a university level (Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, or a PhD qualification)

(2)        The applicant must have a job offer from a WA employer for at least the next 12 months.

(3)        Bachelor degree holders need to show that they have already worked with an employer for one year (Master’s degree holders and PhD holders do not need to satisfy these criteria).

(4)        The applicant must have a satisfactory skills assessment in their nominated occupation and should have lodged their Expression of Interest (EOI) under the Department of Immigration’s SKILLSELECT program.

(5)        The WA state Government will invite the applicant only if the occupation is on the WA GRADUATE OCCUPATION LIST (WA-GOL).

(6)        The WA Government has a ranking system that takes into account both onshore and offshore work-experience (i.e. employment experience inside Australia and outside Australia). Priority is given to applicants who have ONSHORE employment experience i.e. Australian employment experience.

The following statistics have been released by the WA State Government regarding their SNMP WA Graduate Program invitations dated 18th January 2019:


Qualification level

Work exp points

English level

EOI points

Submission date

Last invited EOI – Subclass 190

Bachelor degree

5 points – overseas work experience



23/4/18 13:25

Last invited EOI – Subclass 489

Bachelor degree

5 points – overseas work experience



6/11/18 16:49


Accountants (ANZSCO Code 221111):

A lot of “Accountants” are applying for inclusion in this WA Graduate Program. Because of this, the number of invitations given to applicants with their Expression of Interest (EOI) under the Accountant (General) nominated occupation are restricted. The profile of the last invited EOI with this nominated occupation was as follows, indicating that only Masters and PhD qualification-holders got invited as Accountants (Bachelor degree holders did not get an “invitation” in this January 2019 invitation round).

Accountant invitations by WA Government:

Visa subclass

Qualification level

Work exp points

English level

EOI Points

Submission date



0 points



19/3/18 14:21

Accountants continue to be on the WA-GOL (the WA Graduate Occupations List).

Note: The pass mark under the Australian “points test” for state nominated migration to Australia is 65 points.
Obtaining a subclass 190 invitation from a state government gives an additional 5 points to the applicant.
Obtaining a subclass 489 invitation from a state government gives an additional 10 points to the applicant.

This information has been obtained from the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA) Notice 13, dated 20th January 2019.