Australia’s Visa Processing: Three Days for a Skilled Visa

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Visa waiting times for Australia have dramatically reduced following a change in government and priorities. In a statement from the department of Home Affairs, it was claimed that visas can now be processed in just three days.

The huge shift in visa waiting times for Australia is down to a Ministerial Direction involving the prioritising of Health and Education skilled visas. The country’s largest state by population, New South Wales even set up an office in Mumbai to attract more migrants and international students.

The state has gone as far as to do away with work experience and minimum points scores for its subclass 190 visa. The state nominated visa is offered to those who apply to wish to live in that state and every Australian state is allocated places to help manage their labour market.

The visa is very handy for those who wish to stay in Australia long term as it can be granted as a permanent visa. There are many opportunities in a country where the new government has stated that a review of the country’s migration programme is on the cards. 

The Albanese Government has outlined that they wish to shape the programme for the decades to come and an Australian public think tank, the Grattan Institute, made a submission to the federal government about the need for long term migration.

“Permanent skilled migration must select younger, skilled talent to stay in Australia long-term, not address short-term skills shortages.”

-Grattan Institute report

When making the decision to move to Australia, obviously the safety, health and happiness of your entire family is extremely important. This year, there will be 40,500 visas awarded to partners of those who live in Australia, very often these partners choose to stay and raise a family in Australia, due to its safety, comprehensive public services and high quality of lifestyle.

There has never been a better time to make the call and migrate to Australia, now that visas can be granted in a time period as little as three days, changing your life has never been easier.