3-Monthly 22 August 2022 Skill Select Round and State Nomination Results

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Skill Select Invitation Round Results
22 August 2022 Skill Select

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SkillSelect EOI Invitation Round Results plus State-Nominated Invitation results are for:

  1. Skill Select EOI Invitation Round is for people who lodged an Expression of Interest (EOI)
  2. The two Genral Skilled Migration (GSM) visa subclasses are 189 (Skilled Independent) (Australian Permanent visa) and subclass 491 (Skilled Family Sponsored) (Australian Provisional visa).
  3. The two State-nominated visa subclasses are 190 (Skilled State-nominated) (Australian Permanent visa) and subclass 491 (Skilled State Nominated Regional) (Australian Provisional visa).
  4. State invitations for Business Owners and Investors: subclass 188 Business Innovation and Investment.
  5. State invitations for Business Owners and Investors: subclass 132 Business Talent (permanent visas).

EasyMigrate is a leading Australian migration agency, based in Perth, Australia. Mr Cyrus Mistry (Founding Partner of EasyMigrate) has reviewed SkillSelect EOI Invitation Round Results – see his comments below.

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Quarterly Skill Select Tables : Invitations issued on 22 August 2022


Visa subclassNumber of invitations issued
Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189)12,200
Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491)  Family-Sponsored466

For Non-Pro rata occupations the Department of Immigration has announced points cut-off as per the table below:

Visa subclassMinimum points scoreAll EOIs submitted before
Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189)65Aug/2022
Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491) Family Sponsored)65Aug/2022

For Pro-rata occupations the Department of Immigration usually announces points cut-off as per the table below but for this invitation-round (22 August 2022) NO PRO-RATA OCCUPATIONS DATA was provided.

Occupations included in 22 August 2022 Invitation Round

The table below shows the LOWEST POINT-SCORES for invitations issued in the SkillSelect invitation round on 22 August 2022.

Lowest Points Score Invited
subclass 189 (Points-tested stream)
Lowest Points Score Invited
subclass 491 (Family Sponsored Regional)
Airconditioning and Mechanical Services Plumber65Not invitedNot invitedNot invited
Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic70Not invitedNot invited75
Arts Administrator or Manager65Not invitedNot invited75
Automotive ElectricianNot invitedNot invitedNot invited75
Boat Builder and Repairer75Not invitedNot invitedNot invited
Bricklayer65Not invitedNot invitedNot invited
Cabinetmaker65Not invitedNot invitedNot invited
Cardiologist65Not invitedNot invitedNot invited
Carpenter65Not invitedNot invited85
Carpenter and Joiner65Not invitedNot invited75
Chef65Not invitedNot invited65
Child Care Centre Manager65Not invitedNot invited75
Chiropractor6570Not invitedNot invited
Civil Engineering Draftsperson65Not invitedNot invited65
Civil Engineering Technician65Not invitedNot invited65
Clinical Psychologist6570Not invitedNot invited
Construction Project Manager65Not invitedNot invited70
Dermatologist70Not invitedNot invitedNot invited
Diagnostic and Interventional Radiologist6565Not invitedNot invited
Diesel Motor Mechanic65Not invitedNot invited65
Drainer70Not invitedNot invited65
Early Childhood (Pre-primary School) Teacher65657570
Educational Psychologist7080Not invitedNot invited
Electrical Engineering Draftsperson65Not invitedNot invited65
Electrical Engineering Technician65Not invitedNot invited65
Electrician (General)65Not invitedNot invited65
Electronic Equipment Trades Worker65Not invitedNot invited65
Electronic Instrument Trades Worker (General)65Not invitedNot invited65
Electronic Instrument Trades Worker (Special Class)65Not invitedNot invited70
Emergency Medicine Specialist7065Not invitedNot invited
Engineering Manager65Not invitedNot invited80
Environmental Manager65Not invitedNot invited85
Fitter (General)65Not invitedNot invited65
Fitter-Welder80Not invitedNot invited75
Gasfitter80Not invitedNot invited70
General Practitioner6565Not invitedNot invited
Intensive Care Specialist6565Not invitedNot invited
Lift Mechanic65Not invitedNot invited85
Medical Diagnostic Radiographer6565Not invitedNot invited
Medical Oncologist8070Not invitedNot invited
Medical Practitioners nec6565Not invited110
Medical Radiation Therapist7070Not invitedNot invited
Metal Fabricator70Not invitedNot invited70
Metal Machinist (First Class)65Not invitedNot invited70
Midwife6565Not invited70
Motor Mechanic (General)65Not invitedNot invited65
Neurosurgeon65Not invitedNot invitedNot invited
Nuclear Medicine Technologist6565Not invitedNot invited
Nurse Practitioner70Not invitedNot invited85
Obstetrician and Gynaecologist7575Not invitedNot invited
Occupational Therapist65659070
Optometrist6570Not invitedNot invited
Organisational Psychologist80Not invitedNot invitedNot invited
Orthotist or Prosthetist8070Not invitedNot invited
Osteopath6575Not invitedNot invited
Paediatrician6570Not invitedNot invited
Painting Trades Worker65Not invitedNot invited70
Panelbeater70Not invitedNot invitedNot invited
PathologistNot invited65Not invited95
Physiotherapist6565Not invited65
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon7065Not invitedNot invited
Plumber (General)65Not invitedNot invited80
Primary Health Organisation Manager65Not invitedNot invitedNot invited
Psychiatrist7565Not invitedNot invited
Psychologists nec656590Not invited
Radiocommunications Technician65Not invitedNot invited75
Registered Nurse (Aged Care)65656565
Registered Nurse (Child and Family Health)6565Not invitedNot invited
Registered Nurse (Community Health)65657565
Registered Nurse (Critical Care and Emergency)65657065
Registered Nurse (Developmental Disability)6570Not invitedNot invited
Registered Nurse (Disability and Rehabilitation)65657090
Registered Nurse (Medical Practice)65657575
Registered Nurse (Medical)65657070
Registered Nurse (Mental Health)6565Not invited85
Registered Nurse (Paediatrics)6565Not invitedNot invited
Registered Nurse (Perioperative)65658070
Registered Nurse (Surgical)6565Not invited65
Registered Nurses nec65656570
Secondary School Teacher65656570
Small Engine MechanicNot invitedNot invitedNot invited75
Social Worker65657065
Solid Plasterer65Not invitedNot invitedNot invited
Sonographer6580Not invitedNot invited
Special Education Teachers nec65Not invitedNot invited85
Special Needs Teacher6570Not invited75
Specialist Physician (General Medicine)6570Not invitedNot invited
Specialist Physicians nec7090Not invitedNot invited
Speech Pathologist7065Not invited75
StonemasonNot invitedNot invitedNot invited65
Telecommunications Field Engineer65Not invitedNot invitedNot invited
Telecommunications Network Planner65Not invitedNot invitedNot invited
Telecommunications Technical Officer or Technologist70Not invitedNot invited70
Tennis Coach65Not invitedNot invited85
University Lecturer65657565
Urologist65Not invitedNot invitedNot invited
Veterinarian6565Not invitedNot invited
Wall and Floor Tiler65Not invitedNot invitedNot invited
Welder (First Class)65Not invitedNot invited65
Welfare Centre Manager70Not invitedNot invitedNot invited
Zoologist7065Not invitedNot invited
Cardiothoracic SurgeonNot inivted80Not invitedNot invited
EndocrinologistNot invited65Not invitedNot invited
GastroenterologistNot invited65Not invitedNot invited
NeurologistNot invited75Not invitedNot invited
OphthalmologistNot invited85Not invitedNot invited
Orthopaedic SurgeonNot invited95Not invitedNot invited
OtorhinolaryngologistNot invited80Not invitedNot invited
Paediatric SurgeonNot invited75Not invitedNot invited
Radiation OncologistNot invited80Not invitedNot invited
Renal Medicine SpecialistNot invited85Not invitedNot invited
RheumatologistNot invited70Not invitedNot invited
Surgeon (General)Not invited65Not invitedNot invited

Invitations issued during recent months:

MonthNumber of Invitations –
Subclass 189 Independent
Number of Invitations –
Subclass 491 Family-sponsored
March 20191490Old SC489 – 10
April 2019100Old SC489 – 10
May 2019100Old SC489 – 10
June 2019100Old SC489 – 10
July 20191000Old SC489 – 100
Aug 2019100Old SC489 – 100
Sept 2019100Old SC489 – 100
Oct 201915000
Nov 20192500
Dec 2019250New SC491 - 200
Jan 20201000300
Feb 20201000500
March 20201750300
April 20205050
May 2020550100
June 202017030
July 2020500100
August 202011090
Oct 20203080
January 2021 (quarterly)200163
April 2021 (quarterly)500160
July 2021 (quarterly)500250
October 2021 (quarterly)200200
January 2022 (quarterly)200200
April 2022 (quarterly)1000500
August 2022 (quarterly)12,200466
TOTAL (2022-2023 Program Year – up to date)12,200466

Invitations issued for State Nominated SC190 and Regional State-nominated SC491 (22 August 2022 results) have not been published.

From December 2020 the Department of Immigration (DoHA) is issuing “invitations” on a quarterly basis.

There were 12,200 invitations published for this August 2022 invitation round for SC189 applicants, with a cut-off date of August 2022 and a minimum points-score of 65 points. The previous invitation round (April 2022) had 1000 invitations for Skilled Independent (SC189) at 85 points.

In January 2022, the previous cut-off for Skilled Regional Family Sponsored (SC491) was 80 points.  This time (August 2022 round) – 466 SC491 Family Sponsored applicants were invited, starting at 65 points with cut-off date August-2022.

The “boom” months were between September 2018 and November 2018 at 4,350 invitations per month.

In the October 2018 invitation round, 70-point holders were also invited for SC189, but not for a long time after that – until this current invitation round where the minimum score fell to 65 points in both SC189 Independent and in SC491 Family Sponsored invitations. The October 2020 Budget had placed substantial restrictions / quotas on various visa classes. This had reduced the available quota for invitations.

Historical Analysis

The number of monthly invitations used to hover around the “two thousand-plus” around 2017 good months.  They went lower between November 2017 to June 2018 at about 305 “SkillSelect” invitations per fortnight for the EOI applicants! 

From July 2018 the invitations were on par with the good months in previous year (2017).

The two rounds of October 2018 and November 2018 EXCEEDED our expectations at 4,340 invitations.  

But the December 2018 round and January 2019  halved to 2,500 invitations. February 2019,  March 2019  were FURTHER REDUCED to 1,500 invitations, and April 2019 plus May 2019 plus June 2019 invitations were a disappointing 100 invitations only. 

July 2019 invitations had bounced back to 1,000 invitations. But August 2019 and September 2019 had fallen back to just 100 invitations! October 2019 invitations looked much better at 1,500 invitations. But November 2019 round was very poor at 250 invitations. The December 2019 was not much better – 250 invitations for SC189 and 200 invitations for SC491-Family-Sponsored.

The January 2020 and February 2020 invitations were better with 1,000 SC190 invitations and 300 to 500 SC491-Family-Sponsored invitations. The March 2020 round was good at 1,750 invitations for SC189 and 300 invitations for SC491. April 2020,  May 2020 and June 2020 rounds were also very low.

The total number of invitations for the financial year (July 2019 to June 2020) was 7,780 for SC189 Independent and 1,480 for SC491 Family-Sponsored.

The total number of invitations for the financial year (July 2020 to June 2021) was 1,690 for SC189 Independent and 743 for SC491 Family-Sponsored, as follows:

Last Program year (July-2020 to June-2021): July 2020 had 600 invitations.  August 2020 had 200 invitations. Sept 2020 was better than the previous –  at 350 invitations for SC189 and 150 invitations for SC491 Family Sponsored (total 500 invitations). Then the Dept of Home Affairs changed their invitation rounds to “quarterly” instead of monthly. The quarterly invitation (January 2021) included 200 invitations for SC189 and 163 invitations for SC491 Family Sponsored visas giving a total of 363 invitations. The quarterly round (April 2021) had 500 invitations for SC189 and 160 invitations for SC491 Family Sponsored (total 660 invitations).

Financial year 2021-22: Previous quarterly round (July 2021) had 500 invitations for SC189 and 250 invitations for SC491 Family Sponsored (total 750 invitations). The October 2021 round had only 200 invitations each for both SC189 and SC491 visas. Then the quarterly round (January 2022) had 200 invitations for SC189 and 200 invitations for SC491 Family Sponsored (total 400 invitations). 

The April 2022 round had 1000 invitations for SC189 and 500 invitations for SC491 Family Sponsored (total 400 invitations)

Current Quarterly round (August 2022) has seen the Dept of Immigration invitations return to the good old days! Number of invitations for SC189 are similar to the BOOM months of October and November 2018! This invitation round was a staggering 12,200 invitations for SC189 and 466 invitations for SC491 Family Sponsored.

Cyrus Mistry Comments

Invitation rounds for Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) and Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491) – Family Sponsored visas are now run each quarter (three monthly). Next round is expected in October 2022. Dates for the rounds are subject to change.

Invitation numbers in each round may vary depending on the number of applications being processed by the Department.

Note: State or territory government nominations for Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491) will not be impacted by the departmental invitation rounds.

The Government is closely monitoring migration and visa settings to ensure they are consistent with public health measures, are flexible and do not displace job opportunities for Australians. This program is implemented so that Australia can effectively respond to the immediate and subsequent impacts of COVID-19. As such, targeted invitation rounds have occurred since May 2020 – targeted towards specific occupations that are in demand.

Recent developments around the word regarding the Coronavirus has had an effect on Dept of Immigration decision-makers. The “migration program” especially in the GSM and State-Nominated subclasses are “long term” processes taking 12-24 months to be finalised.  We are seeing POSITIVE media-statements from the Ministers regarding ramping-up Australia’s migration programme as there are severe skill-shortages emerging. The West Australian Premier Mr Mark McGowan visited Italy / UK / Ireland in June 2022. The Deputy premier visited India and other Asian countries also in June 2022 to try and “recruit” skilled workers. But the number of invitations issued in previous rounds is low compared to boom-years – but this INVITATION ROUND has brought the invitation-numbers back to where they used to be in the boom months of October 2018 and November 2018. This is a very pleasing development.

Because of the COVID19 pandemic, the recent rounds of invitations had been drastically cut. But with the opening of international borders as from November 2021 onwards, we have seen that migration-levels have returned to “normal” levels in a few month’s time.

The effect of “re-invitation” continues to plague the SkillSelect invitations program. In my previous articles, I had mentioned about the impact of “re-invitation”. Many applicants have changed to other countries or changed their plans but have not removed their Expressions of Interest (EOI). So they get invited, but they do not apply within the next 60 days. These applicants usually get “re-invited” as per Dept of Immigration rules one more time! I estimate this figure to be as high as 30-40% in many occupations. This severely affects the program. For example, out of the 1,000-odd invitations in a recent invitation-round only about 600-800 may have taken it up, 200-400 “invites” were wasted! This is something that the Department of Home Affairs has not been able to tackle yet.

Please keep in mind that for the SC491 FAMILY-SPONSORED visa, the applicant needs to have scored 50 points “independently” plus the 15 points from their family-sponsor (if invitations are starting at 65 points). From 16 November 2019 onwards the new Subclass 491 Regional Family-Sponsored visa has come into effect, replacing the SC489 family-Sponsored.

Our EasyMigrate website has statistics for previous SkillSelect Invitation Round Results. My ongoing analysis commencing October 2017 invitation round and right up to the most recent invitation rounds are all available on our website.

Invitation Rounds Results

following information is compiled from available statistics on Department of Home Affairs website https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/working-in-australia/skillselect/invitation-rounds
Previous rounds
22 August 2022