Temporary Skills Shortage Visa Subclass 482

Temporary Skills Shortage Visa Subclass 482

Are you A highly sought-after expert in your field? Australia could be your second home. The Temporary Skills Shortage Visa Subclass 482 is your ticket to the Lucky Country. This visa lets you live in Australia while working for the sponsoring company. Your close family and dependents can move with you to Australia on the same visa.

The TSS visa is for Australian employers to fill open positions with foreign experts. These are roles for which they cannot find the right skilled Australians to fill, hence the name temporary skills shortage.

The TSS visa subclass 482 officially replaced the 457 visas in 2018 March. This new kind of visa comprises short-term, medium-term, and labor agreement streams.

How it works

A company sponsors you if you have the skills they need, which they can't find among Australian citizens and permanent residents. For eligibility, the sponsoring business must have a Standard Business Sponsorship (SBS) or an Overseas Business Sponsoring (OBS) agreement with the Australian government.

Application process

Applicants can lodge the 482 TSS visa while in or outside of Australia. This visa application is a 3-step process that entails:

1. Employer application: The businesses formally lodge the application for SBS or OBS sponsorship.

2. Nomination application: Following the sponsorship application, the business nominates the organization's position that must be filled by an ex-pat. There are various requirements to be met at this stage, including labor market testing, salary thresholds, and training levy.

3. Nominee application: The nominee in the visa application process must prove that they are highly and relevantly skilled for the position and meet health and character requirements.

The short-term stream TSS 482 visa

The occupations that qualify for short term TSS sponsorship are listed in the Short term Occupation List. This visa has an expiry timeline of 2 years with exceptions of 4 years, where an international trade obligation applies.

The Medium-term stream TSS 482 visa

Applicants are sourced to fill positions listed in the Medium and the Long term Strategic Skills List. The visa has a lifespan of 4 years. Medium-term TSS 482 visa holders are eligible to apply for permanent residence.

Labor Agreement TSS 482 visa

Under this stream, employers can source for overseas skilled workers in line with the commonwealth labor agreement. The employers must demonstrate that candidates from the Australian labor market cannot fill the sponsored position and that standard visa programs are not available for it.

TSS 482 Visa Eligibility Checklist for Sponsoring Businesses

Employers must pay a SAF training contribution charge-Skilling Australians Fund levy.

The business should make an upfront annual payment of $1200 for the employee if turnover is less than $10 M or $1800 if turnover is $10M or more.
Labor marker testing is mandatory. The sponsoring employer must prove that they have tried to fill the position with Australians before looking abroad for experts.

The salary level for TSS 482 visa nominees must abide by the set threshold. The current limit set by the Department of Home Affairs is $53 900, and it protects overseas professionals from exploitation.

TSS 482 Visa Eligibility Checklist for Nominated Employees

Sponsorship comes before application. An eligible employer must nominate you in Australia to be able to apply for the visa. Work experience matters. Your application will only be successful in case you are nominated and if you have worked on the chosen occupation in the related field for at least two years.
English language proficiency is a mandatory requirement here, as is the case with other visas. Further, applicants must have health insurance and meet health and character requirements.

Switching careers on a 482 visa

After you obtain the TSS 482 visa, you may wish to change your occupation. Meeting condition 8607 makes it possible to obtain a new nomination and a new visa before starting work in the new occupation.

Repeat TSS 482 Visa application

You can apply for a TSS 482 visa not once, not twice, but many times. You may have worked in Australia in the past on the same visa. This doesn't disqualify you. For medium-term and labor agreement streams, you can lodge the application in or outside of Australia. For the short term stream, you must apply outside of Australia if:

  • You have had an ST stream 482 visa in the past
  • You were in Australia when you applied for the past ST 482 visa
  • The requirement doesn't contravene international trade obligation

Transitioning from 457 to TSS 482 visa

An employer certified for SBS or OBS for subclass 457 can legally sponsor overseas workers under the new TSS visa program. Secondary applicants of 457 visas (current visa holders) can obtain a TSS 482 via a subsequent dependent application. The new TSS visa will have a validity period that matches that of the 457 visas.

457 visa holders can change employers without the need to apply for a new TSS visa. Instead, they are required to ask their new employer to submit a TSS 482 visa nomination and link that to their current 457 visas.

457 visa holders who want to change occupation or renew their visa will need to obtain a TSS 482 visa nomination and lodge an application.

Essential Things to Note on the TSS 482 Visa

  • There is no age limit for the temporary skilled shortage visa. Even those over 50 can apply.
  • Marketing specialists cannot apply for residence permanently using the TSS 482 visa. This occupation is on STSOL and can thus not be used as a pathway to employer-sponsored permanent residence.
  • Family members, including spouses and children, can be included in the application. They will enjoy the same rights as you, including studying and working in Australia.
  • You can renew your TSS visa for a further two years if your occupation is on the STSOL.
  • You can renew your TSS visa for further four years if your occupation is on the MLTSSL list or apply for permanent residency.
  • Fresh graduates (international students) from Australian universities are not eligible for TSS 482 visa sponsorship given the 2-year full-time work experience requirement.

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