Pharmacists are Migration Priority to Help Beat Covid-19

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Australia lags behind the rest of the world with its Covid-19 vaccine rollout for many reasons including public complacency about the threat the virus poses to community health.

Another important reason Australians are not being vaccinated is the lack of qualified Pharmacists in the country to administer the vaccine.

The Priority Skilled Migration Occupation List was created by the Australian Government to find people to work in sectors which are critical to Australia’s Covid-19 response and recovery, It has now been updated to include Hospital Pharmacists (ANZSCO code: 251511), Retail Pharmacists (251513) and Industrial Pharmacists (251512).

This presents a fantastic opportunity to qualified migrant pharmacists and Australian pharmacies to work together to help the vaccine rollout.

If you are a qualified pharmacist you will now have priority when it comes to your visa application and if you are applying for an employer sponsored visa you will also be prioritised over other visas.

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