Is Your Job on the Skills Priority List 2021?

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In the early stages of the Covid-19 Pandemic the Australian Department of Immigration created the National Skills Commission, an independent investigation which provides expert advice on Australia’s labour market and current, emerging and future workforce skills needs. 

This commission just published the 2021 Skills Priority List which provides a labour market rating at a state and territory level.

It includes the future demand rating which is a proportional measure that expresses the prospects for an occupation relative to that occupation’s size.

It also includes a skills shortage rating of Shortage (S), Metropolitan Shortage (M), Regional Shortage (R) or No Shortage (NS) in regards to how many positions are being advertised in each occupation.

Basically, the list is a very good indicator of which occupations will be in high demand in Australia, where sponsored work visas will be made more available to foreign workers.

Look for an occupation you are experienced or may be interested in and its rating will give you a very good idea of whether or not there is strong demand for workers in this occupation.

The list also indicates the future demand for workers in this area as Strong, Moderate or Soft.   

There will be very many good positions available in Australia as the country moves towards issuing more visas in the wake of Covid in late 2021 and many believe it will be a very good time to migrate to Australia.

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