New DAMA Agreement Will Help Migrants Get Visas in WA’s Pilbara Region

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Relief is on the way for employers in the Pilbara region after a new agreement between the Commonwealth and Regional Development (RDA) Australia, in partnership with the City of Karratha and the Town of Port Hedland promises to allow more skilled and semi-skilled migrants to live and work in the area.

The Pilbara Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) will help to fill critical labour shortages in the region and give employers struggling with skills shortages the opportunity to employ overseas workers more easily.

“The new Pilbara DAMA will help fill gaps in the labour market and bring huge benefits for both the local community and migrants,” said Town of Port Hedland Mayor Peter Carter.

The Pilbara is located in the north of Western Australia with most of the population spread along the Indian Ocean coast at its western border, it is responsible for a major portion of the production, value, exports and investments of extraction industries commodities, particularly iron ore and liquefied natural gas (LNG).

The Pilbara DAMA outlines occupations that are facing a skills shortage and provides visa pathways for a Temporary Skilled Shortage visa, (Subclass 482) available to those who are qualified in those occupations.

There is a broad range of occupations on the Pilbara DAMA across many industries including bar supervisors, clinical psychologists and a range of trade workers.

Regional Development Australia Pilbara Chief Executive Officer Tony Simpson believes skilled migrants will enjoy living in the Pilbara. “More than 50% of the occupations listed on the DAMA are roles which service our community. The DAMA is more than just mining and industry, and aims to build a stronger community,” he said.

The Pilbara is home to many amazing places, supportive communities and thousands of kilometres of pristine beaches, its spectacular natural beauty is legendary within Australia.

The relatively small towns of Port Headland and Karratha have a combined gross decimal product of A$16.636 billion and are considered the powerhouses of the Australian economy.

The record-low unemployment rate of 3.3% at the moment and the fact that the economy has thrived through the pandemic means there is no better time to start a brighter future here and experience a comfortable, safe, peaceful way of life that is the envy of the world.

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