Migrating to Australia is a Good Move, There are More Visa Places, Plenty of Jobs

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Australia is a very good place to migrate to. Huge amounts of space, defined by rugged natural beauty means that the country enjoys a peaceful existence. At the moment, there is a historically low unemployment rate, migrating to Australia could be the best thing you ever do.

While property prices surged in many areas during the pandemic, in regional areas and satellite cities, you can still buy a very big house compared to other countries.

Australian citizens enjoy free healthcare, education and very low interest student loans to attend vocational and tertiary institutions. The average wage of an engineer in Australia is just over AU$100,000, according to recruitment site Indeed and the national minimum wage is AU$21.38 per hour or AU$812.60 per week.

Last year an Australian Labor government was elected, the migration intake was increased a significant 35,000 places in its 2022-23 migration program. 

The country’s intake is now capped at 195,000 places, but ask anyone in the land down under about the country’s skills shortage and you will find out that many businesses are suffering from a chronic shortage of workers. 

Many have started to limit opening hours, reduce capacity or even close up shop completely, simply because they cannot find staff to fill positions.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese hinted at how the Australian migration program would be managed in the coming years at the Jobs and Skills Summit, saying that Australia would have to take a long term approach to planning.

“We can’t just have this over-reliance on temporary labour. And there are so many professions, whether it’s nursing, whether it’s engineers, whether it’s chefs, where we’ve had skills shortages for a long period. It makes no sense to bring people in, have them for a few years, then get a new cohort in to adapt to the Australian work environment.”

-Anthony Albanese, Prime Minister of Australia

The sunburnt country has always been a number one destination for those looking for something better, migrating to Australia brings with it challenges, but the rewards are definitely worth it.

The Australian Government recently signed Ministerial Direction 100, streamlining the visa process for applicants and employer sponsors.