About EasyMigrate

EasyMigrate was established in September 2001 by Registered Migration Agent Cyrus Mistry.

EasyMigrate quickly became known as a quality provider of Australian immigration visa services, and in 2005 we established EasyRecruit to cater to the growing demand for overseas recruitment services. EasyStudy to provide to needs within the International Student sector.

The combination of the three businesses enables us to provide a comprehensive range of Australian immigration services. We now process more than 1,000 applications every year for clients from around the world and in Australia. Read more here

About EasyMigrate Mumbai and Amita Salvi

Due to high numbers of visa enquiries, student enrolments, and successfully processed visa applications from India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar and Bangladesh  EasyMigrate have recruited a dedicated  Business Development Consultant. 

Amita Salvi comes from Mumbai. Amita completed her Australian Migration training with Cyrus Mistry who has 18 years experience in this sector. Amita is looking forward to helping people migrate to Australia. Amita looks after Skilled, Student and Family Pathways. 

Amita has a Post Graduate and Masters degree in Financial Markets from BSE Institute in Mumbai. It was during this time working with global markets that Amita became interested in international migration.

 Amita in her own words – Why she wants to help her fellow Indians migrate to Australia

While I was studying Global financial market, I became interested in immigration. After I completed my Master’s degree, I successfully gain a finance executive position with one of India’s largest stockbroking firms. After I achieved my desired goal in the financial sector, my goal was to work in immigration and help many people relocate from India to Australia and Canada. I felt that this work would expand my professional career. I conducted some research on immigration to see if  I have any scope in this field. Luckily, while visiting my father’s office, I met Mr Cyrus  Mistry. Mr Cyrus offered me an opportunity to learn about the Australian immigration process as well as marketing. With no hesitation, he welcomed me into the EasyMigrate family. I received all training from Cyrus who has 18 years of experience as an Australian Registered Migration Agent. He shared many case stories with me. When I was studying old cases EasyMigrate had involved with  I made up my mind, Migration was the career path for me. I  have visited  Australia and seen how the EasyMIgrate teamwork in their Perth head office.

I loved the Australian lifestyle I now know first hand why so many of my clients dream of relocating and working there. The lifestyle is wonderful, beautiful weather and scenery, amazing infrastructure & high quality of outdoor living making Australia one of the best countries in the world to bring up children. What attracted me the most was the friendly & welcoming nature of the Aussie. I also came across Indian students who were on a student visa & asked about their experience in Australia. With the good review & positive attitude of students, I maintained their records. Listening to the experience of Mr Cyrus & visiting Australia was life-changing for me  & I have been recommending people to go for EasyMigrate because it has all the solution to your visa problems.

Making an enquire with EasyMigrate India is Easy!

Complete and submit our online enquiry form, Amita will review your form and have one of our qualified and experienced Migration Agents perform a (free) pre-assessment of your eligibility for an Australian visa. If you are eligible, Amita will contact you to arrange a time for a more detailed consultation.

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