Australia bridges the gap to 186 employer nomination visa

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The Department of Home Affairs has cleared up a confusing rule regarding the length of work experience required for a subclass 186 employer nomination scheme visa application in Australia.

Migrants who applied for the popular visa may have been caught short by a few days due to the 482’s two-year experience requirement.

Now, migrants can apply for 186 visas before they meet the two-year requirement, after a legislative change stated 186 applicants may apply a “few days” before.

Previously, a migrant on a subclass 482 temporary skills shortage visa may have worked for 1 year and 50-51 weeks and therefore not worked for that employer for long enough and would not have been able to apply for the 186.

But now, migrants who wish to be sponsored by their employers after finding jobs when on a temporary skilled visa can do so without having to obtain another 482 visa to bridge the gap.

The subclass 482 visa allows successful applicants to work for up to 4 years in Australia and costs from $1,455 to $3,025 to apply.

Visa holders are able to bring in family members as subsequent entrants at a cost of $1,455 but must have training or experience in an occupation on skills lists for which Australia does not have enough skilled workers.

Some employers can also “sponsor” a worker on a 482 visa if they have a labour agreement with the government. This type of 482 visa allows successful applicants to stay in Australia for up to 4 years but employers must first be awarded a labour agreement and then nominate the position they wish to be filled.

The 186 visa is a permanent visa which is awarded to workers nominated by their employer. There is no in-country experience requirement for the direct entry scheme but the temporary residence transition scheme requires two years’ full-time experience with the employer.

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