Visitor (Subclass 600)


A Visitor Visa may be suitable if you wish to arrange a short-term visit to Australia for three to twelve months, or you are not on the Electronic Travel Authority list. Previously known as a Tourist Visa, eligibility for a Visitor Visa (600) does not grant you the right to carry out paid employment in Australia. However, there are provisions if you wish to visit on a business trip, such as to attend a business conference, or for limited "specialist" work.

Additionally, if you are planning to stay in Australia for longer than 6 months (or study a course longer than four weeks), you may need to undergo a medical check, including chest X-ray. Depending on your length of stay, you may also be required  to provide proof of funds to cover the time of your stay, as well as health insurance documentation.

The Visitor Visa offers four streams to people who want to come to Australia for tourism or business visitor purposes.

Tourist Visa Stream

Are you planning a short-term visit to Australia for a holiday or visiting family and friends? A Visitor Visa may also be useful to those on a short study exchange. The Visitor Visa allows for short-term, non-work purposes, including study for less than three months.

Business Visitor Visa Stream

Those participating in global trade may be eligible; a Visitor Visa allows business people to make a short business visit to Australia. Reasons may include a negotiation, conference, or exploratory investment visit, limited "specialist" work eg. installation-check, warranty-repairs, etc.