Visa Applications Granted

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Skilled visas are being issued to people in the medical field at an increasing rate, while there has been a decline in Skilled visas being approved in the field of Information Technology.
The department of Home Affairs has released the numbers for how many Subclass 189 visas have been issued in the last 6 months and they show that some professions are being vastly underrepresented.
There are slightly more general practitioners and medical practitioners having their visas approved in the last two months than 6 months ago, but accountants went from 76 approvals in March to 0 from April until September.
Software engineers and ICT business analysts also saw a fall from relatively high numbers in March to very few more recently.
In the fallout from COVID-19 there will be many difficulties for migrants in Australia, but there will also be many opportunities.
There are many industries that will suffer from loss of eligible candidates because of the border restrictions in place around the country and these positions will need to be filled.
See the full list of Skilled visa (Subclass 189) approvals below