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1. Fresh Air
Australia has one of the lowest air pollution levels in the world.

2. Unspoilt Nature
Australia has a large variety of beautiful natural ecosystems. We have golden sandy beaches with clean water, tropical rainforests, arid deserts and snowy mountains. There are over 500 national parks in Australia and 14 world heritage areas.

3. Multicultural Society
Australia is a truly multicultural society. 43% of Australians were either born overseas or have a parent who was born overseas. Each year we celebrate our diversity on Harmony Day (21 March).

4. Low population density
Australia has the lowest population density of any continent in the world with only 6.4 people per square mile.

5. Climate
Australia has a temperate climate with mild weather all year round and more than its fair share of sunshine.

6. Healthcare system
Australia has one of the most efficient healthcare systems in the world. Medicare provides basic health cover for all Australians and there is a private healthcare system as well.

7. Job opportunities
Australians pride themselves on perfecting a work-life balance. With a strong economy and low unemployment rate (around 5%), Australia is an excellent place to find a new job.

8. Laidback lifestyle
Australians have a reputation for being laid back and friendly, and what’s more, it is true. People are much more likely to give you the time of day in Australian cities compared with other cities around the world. There’s also a comparatively low crime rate.

9. Great place to travel
Australia is such a vast country that you can spend all your holidays exploring it. Domestic travel has it all from rainforests, beaches, to ski-resorts and stunning ancient landscapes.

10. Great opportunities for study
Australia has an impressive number of study options for international students with more than 1,200 institutions and 22,000 courses to choose from. Australia has the third-highest number of international students in the world behind the UK and the US even though we have a much smaller population than those countries.

This article has been taken from TOP TEN REASONS TO MOVE TO AUSTRALIA