491 Visa delayed by NSW


491 Visa delayed by NSW NSW Regional Visas Australia Subclass 491

NSW is yet to open applications for the new 491 subclass
NSW is yet to open applications for the new 491 subclass 

Migrants looking to apply for NSW under subclass 491 will have to wait longer

The new 491 Visa has been delayed by New South Wales (NSW). The 491 is a Skilled Work Regional (provisional) visa program launched in November 2019, however the most populated state in Australia NSW has not activated the program.

Migrants looking to apply for NSW under subclass 491 will have to wait a little longer. The Australian government launched new regional visa programs at the end of last year.

Dairy Cattle Farmer, Project Builder, Flying Instructor, Regional Education Manager, Nurses and Carpenters are all among workers eligible to come to Australia through new regional visa pathways.

The Australian government introduced this visa pathway to calm the population pressures on Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The paths will also be of enormous benefit to regional communities by boosting local populations and giving communities access to skilled workers, that they lack.

The NSW government have stated on their website

“There is currently a delay in the program opening in NSW. We will announce when NSW is open to applications shortly. We are unable to provide further guidance via phone or email at this time.”

There is a summary of the status of the new Visa Subclass 491 in all different states and territories on ANZSCO SEARCH. Please follow EasyMigrate Facebook page for all the latest Australian migration news.

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This is definitely a great team. Cyrus and the team helped me in so many ways to process my visa. They are very accommodating and responsive all the time and they keep me posted. Above all, thank you so much and may God continue to bless you guys. I would definitely recommend you to my friends who would like to visit Australia. Cheers! 

Quoted by Ms Sharene Chua – SC500 Student visa was granted on 05/04/2018

Quoted by Carley C.

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