Parents to be Classified as IMMEDIATE FAMILY in Huge Rule Change

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Do you have a parent overseas? You may be able to reunite with them earlier than you think after a bombshell announcement made by Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Friday.

The Prime Minister said the decision was made at a meeting of the National Security Committee where the matter was considered last Tuesday, “we also agreed that we would be looking at expanding the definition of immediate family to include the parents of Australian residents and citizens,”

This is massive news for migrants in Australia who have not been able to see their parents for two years in some cases, parents who obtain a travel exemption and have had both doses of an approved Covid-19 vaccine will be able to enter the country from the 1st of November.

Earlier this week, the NSW premier threw travel arrangements into chaos, announcing that his state would be allowing international arrivals into the state from November 1st without having to complete any quarantine. 

Parents of citizens and permanent residents are currently considered not to be immediate family members for the purpose of obtaining a travel exemption to get into Australia, the announcement that they will be reclassified has come as a massive relief for migrant families.

Mr Morrison warned that the arrival caps for states outside of New South Wales will still apply until those states reach the 80 per cent vaccination target set out in the national reopening plan.

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