Overseas Partner Visa Applicants Can Apply from Australia

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There will be no more “visa runs” to other countries in order to get a partner visa approved!

According to the Department of Immigration, offshore partner visa applicants will be able to have their visas approved from within Australia from early 2021.

Under previous regulations, offshore applicants had to be physically offshore to recieve their visa, but as international travel became expensive and difficult during the pandemic, this option was unfeasible for many migrants.

The changes mean around 4000 partner visa applicants will not have to fly home to recieve their visa amid the turbulence of pandemic travel.

The Department has indicated that partners whose visas are about to run out will be allowed to stay in the country until the changes are made official in early 2021.

The changes will apply to other visas; child, adoption, dependent child and prospective marriage visas.

Labor MP Julian Hill is not impressed by the Government’s actions saying, “Couples who’ve already wasted tens of thousands of dollars on flights and quarantine are right to be pissed off. They deserve an apology and compensation from the Morrison government.”

Mr Hill said the changes in regulation did not have a clear enough schedule and left many in limbo, “so for months to come, partners still face a risky and expensive round trip overseas just to have their visa granted”.

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