Migrant visas fast-tracked for regional Australia

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Fast Visa Processing Regional Australia

Every month Mr Cyrus Mistry (our principal immigration agent in Australia)  reviews the Department of Home Affairs SkillSelect results. In this months blog, he suggested that; 

“Most applicants with 60 or 65 points are not getting invited at all since last 18 months or so. Many 70-pointers are also not getting invitations for a long time. The solution would be to apply for state-nominations also, in parallel. We have many clients who were waiting for more than a year so, we did a file-review and recommended a suitable state-nomination option. Many of them got invited for permanent residency WITHIN 8-12 WEEKS!”

Today Friday 8th February 2019 Mr David Coleman (Minister of Immigration) has announced Skilled migrants who apply to move to regional Austalia will have their visa applications accelerated under a $19.4 million plan.

Our officers will be on the ground to discuss regional migration opportunities with regional employers and communities, and also to hear first hand the local labour issues they face. Training and skilling Australians is one of our top priorities, but there is a need for additional workers to supplement the workforce, particularly in regional areas, Mr Coleman said.

The Department of Home Affairs (DoHA) officials will travel to regional areas across Australia to help businesses get the skilled workers they require, over the next four years. DoHA will establish priority processing for visas sponsored by employers in regional areas, along with agreements with local councils so they can recruit employees from overseas.

If you would like to find out if you qualify for Regional State Sponsorship or would like to know more about relocating to a regional area of Australia, please make an appointment to speak to us today;

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