Massive Backlog Tackled by Department, New Occupation Priorities for Skilled Visas

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Australia has finalised over 43,000 temporary skilled visa applications and over 47,000 permanent skilled visa applications since the Department of Home Affairs in Australia hired 260 more staff in May this year.

They have been able to finalise a total of almost 3 million visas since then.

Now, a new ministerial direction has made it easier for migrants who work in the health and education sectors to secure visas. This move builds on the government’s promise to clear a visa backlog inherited from the previous Liberal Government.

The new visa priorities in Australia put healthcare and teaching occupations at the top of the list with some offshore permanent and provisional applications also receiving special treatment.

Small businesses in Australia struggling for staff are set to benefit, processing of the Temporary Skill Shortage visa, designed for labour market shortages, is a top priority according to Ministerial Direction 100.

It will restore priority in all sectors for those who are trusted employers and key businesses that drive economic productivity, the Department of Home Affairs said that the more efficient nature of processing these visas will have a direct effect on the number of visas they are able to finalise.

The Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List (PMSOL) is no longer being used by the department when deciding who will receive priority processing of their visas. The time has never been better to get a skilled visa for Australia.

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