How to Get a Travel Exemption

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Do you have a friend or relative who was planning on visiting you before the coronavirus trainwreck? Maybe your occupation is on the critical skills list and you want to take this opportunity to migrate to Australia? 

You need to get a travel exemption under current travel restrictions to enter Australia. These rules can change without warning, so planning is essential. The following are some hints on how to maximise the possibility of having an application for an exemption approved and travelling to Australia during the pandemic.

Make sure you submit fully documented applications and understand what documents are required depending on the category you are applying for. You need to know your circumstances and if they are sufficiently outlined in the submission, plan and apply early.

You must also collect evidence and document your circumstances, unsubstantiated claims will not be considered and may lead to refusal of entry into Australia.

The three types of Exemption are a full Exemption which is based on nationality or country of arrival or status (e.g. government official) You could have critical skills which is based on providing aid or assisting in a recovery from COVID-19 or you could get an Individual Exemption which is based on compelling and compassionate grounds.

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