Door opens for permanent migration to Australia for low-skill workers without great English.

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                                                                          Picture by Laurissa Smith – ABC Rural

The Government is planning on opening a gateway for foreigners with basic farm or hospitality skills to move permanently to Australia on a work visa.

A new designated area migration agreements (DAMA) for the Northern Territory and south-west Victoria (Warrnambool) will lower the criteria for skills, language and income for migrant workers. These agreements promise to provide a pathway to permanent residency to these workers – after a three to four year period of living and working in the same area – that previously did not exist.

The existing DAMA for Northern Territory will be revised to allow for even more relaxed English and salary requirements with at least 6 more occupations to be added to the list of occupations.

At the moment there is only one overarching DAMA in place for Northern Territory.

The DAMA for Warrnambool region promises to open up occupations in the meat processing, dairy and other agricultural sectors.

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