Chinese migrants bring much-needed healthcare skills to Australia

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Australia is improving its relationship with its biggest trading partner and the number of Chinese migrants entering the country has hit pre-pandemic levels.

In 2021-22, the second most common occupation for Chinese migrants on skilled visas was as a registered nurse and as of August 2023, 276,330 Chinese people have decided to move to Australia, compared to 315,150 for all of 2019.

A report by Chinese real estate firm Juwai IQI predicted more than 700,000 Chinese people will migrate to Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States by 2025. There were almost 600,000 Chinese-born people living in Australia in 2021, representing 2.3% of the country’s total population.

Chinese property investors are also showing strong interest in Australia. The report found Australia was the most popular country for Chinese buyers of overseas real estate.

There is a very long history of Chinese migration to Australia and in the last few years, many of these migrants have provided the country with valuable skills. Chinese migrants have been granted skilled visas based on their qualifications in accounting, information technology and healthcare.

In terms of permanent migration, most Chinese migrants seem to prefer to live in Victoria or New South Wales. In 2021-22, 34% of permanent migrants into Victoria were Chinese and 28% headed to Australia’s most populous state of NSW.

After the UK and India, Chinese migrants made up the third largest group of migrants to Australia and the population of Chinese born Australians were 7.9% of the total overseas-born population in Australia in June 2021.

The Prime Minister of Australia, Anthony Albanese, will fly to China and meet with Chinese Premier Li Qiang and President Xi Jinping in November. The two countries said they had reached an agreement to settle a long running trade dispute and plan to “normalise” relationships.

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