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Heard the news yet? If you are on a student visa you are now allowed to work UNLIMITED hours in hospitality and tourism, aged care and agriculture.

These industries are crying out for workers and there are many who think this skills shortage could significantly disrupt Australia’s economic recovery.

As part of the budget on May 4, the government decided that they would remove the cap on working hours for over 350,000 student visa holders.

Sommeliers, Chefs and Managers are in high demand in restaurants around Australia as these positions are often filled by foreigners on study or working holiday visas.

Victoria is one state in Australia where tourism operators are really starting to feel distressed about the future of their livelihood.

A  Victoria University and Victoria Tourism Industry Council (VTIC) report found that only 30% of businesses feel confident recruiting an adequately skilled workforce in the next 12 months and almost half of owners were struggling with their mental health, and had limited access to or were reluctant to seek help from health services

There has never been a better time to find more hours as a student or find someone on a student visa to work in your business. 

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