Australian Budget Migration Opportunities

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Partner Visa and Global Talent Visa places to be increased substantially

Summary by Cyrus Mistry (Founding Partner – Easymigrate AMCS):


The Australian Federal Budget for 2020-2021 was announced today – 6th October 2020.

With increased places available, I expect the processing-time for Partner Visas will reduce from the current 24-30 months waiting periods. The places allotted for Global Talent visas has been tripled from 5,000 to 15,000 so we expect to see more activity within this program stream.
The bad news is that the Australian Government expects the net overseas migration numbers fall from the current 154,000 persons by almost 45% – down to about 83,000 in this financial year 2020-21. The good news is that net overseas migration is expected to bounce back to about 201,000 persons in another two years (2023-24).

  • Previous Program Planning level (2019-20) was set at 160,000 places
  • Current Program Planning level (2020-21) will stay the same at 160,000 places however the Family Stream will benefit by increasing the places from 47,700 to 77,300 for 2020-2021 only.
  • In 2019-20 the net overseas migration was 154,000 persons.
  • In 2020-21 the net overseas migration is expected to reduce by about 71,000 (net 83,000), increasing to around 201,000 by 2023-24 (further two years)
  • Employer Sponsored, Global Talent, Business Innovation and Investment program visas will be prioritised.
  • Onshore visa applicants will be prioritised.
  • Partner Visa applicants will be prioritised especially where the sponsor lives in a “designated regional area”
  • Temp Skilled Workers, Visitors, Working Holidaymakers: subsequent visa application fees may be “waived” in future – where they were affected by travel restrictions.

Subclass 189 New Zealand Pathway: Eligibility requirement is that applicants need to show fours years of taxable income above the TSMIT threshold in the last five years. This may be reduced to three years including the most recent year.
Business, Investment and Innovation Program: Focus will be given to higher value investors. Places will be increased to 13,500. The Government has announced a “Taskforce” that will focus on attracting “exceptional talent” and international businesses to Australia. This initiative is likely to increase local employment opportunities and assist in a post-COVID recovery.
Global Talent Independent (GTI) Program: This pathway will receive the best allocation yet. Placed will be TRIPLED to 15,000 places.
Family Stream Program: 72,300 places out of a total of 77,300 places will go towards “Partner Visas”, remaining 5,000 places will go to other visas within the Family stream. Sponsorship provisions and obligations will be strengthened. Partner visa applicants may be required to show English-language skills. This may give better social and economic participation outcomes.
Humanitarian Stream: The ceiling will e set at 13,750 places. Quota division between onshore and offshore applicants will be kept flexible, keeping COVID restrictions in mind.
Unauthorised Maritime Arrivals: Additional funding will be provided to continue processing the backlog of applicants who arrived between August 2012 and January 2014.
Federal Law Circuit Court: A$35.7 million will provide additional resources to the FCC. This will enable the backlog of pending cases relating to immigration matters.
The full Federal Budget papers can be accessed on the site.