Australian Agricultural Skills Shortage Means New Visa: Pathway to PR

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The Australian agricultural industry has been struggling because of labour shortages as a consequence of the closed borders due to Covid-19.

To solve this situation the Government is considering the creation of a new visa allowing the entry of workers from Southeast Asian nations.

They have not given details about how this visa will work yet, but some ideas were presented by Agriculture Minister David Littleproud last week.

At first, the visa will be a temporary work visa for specific circumstances, while new legislation is passed.

It will offer a pathway to permanent residency for skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers who work in the agricultural sector and would provide farmers with a long-term, structural solution to labour supply according to Minister Littleproud.

“This is the biggest structural reform to the agricultural workforce in our nation’s history.”

“We are moving away from reliance on a working holiday maker to now trying to bring the next generation of migrants to Australia, to grow, not just agriculture, but to grow regional Australia.”

There will be no cap on the amount of this type of visa the government will approve, with the number of visas issued dependent on industry demand for workers.

The bi-lateral agreements necessary to enact this visa will be offered to Southeast Asian nations such as Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines and Vietnam, among others.

The government says this is due to Australia’s already close migration ties to these countries.

Very good news for people wishing to migrate to Australia permanently from these countries the visa will offer a pathway to Permanent Residency!

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