Australia Throws Ukrainian Migrant Families and Workers a Much-Needed Lifeline

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A major hurdle to Ukrainian migrants being able to legally stay in Australia has been lifted by the Australian Government.

Ukrainians who were previously barred from applying for a further visa may now apply to stay in the country legally, providing they meet what the government has termed “exceptional criteria.”

Last year as war raged in the Ukraine, Australia took in thousands of refugees and offered them temporary protection and humanitarian visas. 

Around 4000 Ukrainian nationals were in Australia as of December last year, but because of a limitation on these visas, section 91k of the Migration Act, these migrants were not allowed to lodge any further visa applications from Australia.

Russia’s war of aggression has made returning to the besieged state a significant risk to life and now Ukrainians on Subclass 786 visas have now been given the opportunity to apply to have this bar removed.

The Department of Home Affairs has outlined that individuals who can demonstrate that a further visa will enable them to contribute to the Australian economy or society will be granted permission to apply for another visa.

If Ukrainian migrants can demonstrate that the visa they want to apply for will ensure that family unity can be maintained where Australian citizens are involved, they will also meet the definition of “exceptional circumstances.”

There are a range of visas that are available to Ukrainians if they meet this criteria including a partner visa or parent visa.

In order to secure the best chance of having an application approved is to contact a registered migration agent, according to the Department.

Of course, Ukrainians who would like to stay in Australia for the full, three year length of their subclass 786 Temporary protection visa are allowed to do so.

However, for those wishing to progress into a permanent residency pathway and live in Australia, the removal of the section 91k bar allows a more positive outcome and the ability to progress to the benefits of a permanent visa in Australia.

Many Ukrainian Migrants live in the state capital of Western Australia, Perth, a gorgeous place to live with endless pristine beaches and lower living costs than the rest of the country.

As well as being home to excellent educational institutions, Western Australia’s economy is leading the country and there are some huge financial benefits to living in the state.