Australia Student Visa: The New Genuine Student Requirement

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The Department of Home Affairs has announced significant changes to the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement for student visa applications (subclass 500) in Australia.

The Genuine Student (GS) requirement – effective March 23 – will replace the existing GTE requirement for student visa applications in Australia. This transition aims to streamline the visa application process and ensure applicants genuinely intend to study in the country.

The GS requirement will include targeted questions designed to provide decision-makers with a comprehensive understanding of the applicant’s motivations and circumstances. These questions will cover various aspects, including:

  • Current Circumstances: Applicants will need to provide details of their ties to family, community, employment, and economic circumstances to demonstrate their genuine intention to study in Australia.
  • Choice of Course and Study Destination: An explanation for the choice of course and reasons for selecting Australia as the applicant’s preferred study destination will be assessed to ensure it aligns with educational goals.
  • Benefits of the Course: Applicants will be required to identify the benefits of the chosen course and how it contributes to their academic and professional aspirations.
  • Study History: Details of applicants’ previous academic endeavours will be evaluated to determine their commitment to educational pursuits.
  • Reasons for Applying for a Student Visa: Applicants holding visas other than a Student visa must provide reasons for transitioning to a student visa and emphasise a genuine interest in furthering their education in Australia.

International students planning to lodge student visa applications on or after 23rd March 2024 will be subject to these requirements. However, applications lodged before this date will be assessed based on existing arrangements, outlined in the GTE requirements.

Prospective international students are encouraged to stay informed and adapt to the evolving visa requirements to facilitate a smooth application process and achieve their educational goals in Australia. Easy Migrate has the knowledge and experience you need to give your application the best chance possible of being approved, contact us now to improve your outcome and secure your future in Australia.