Are Prospective Marriage Visa Holders Able to Travel to Australia?

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There has been some confusion in the Australian Senate about whether Prospective Marriage Visa (Subclass 300) holders are exempt from travel restrictions and therefore allowed into Australia.

Individual exemptions may be granted to those who hold the Prospective Marriage Visa if they applied for their visa more than 12 months previous to lodging the application.

Please note that those who did apply for their Prospective Marriage Visa more than 12 months ago are only eligible to apply for an exemption, they are not automatically entitled to one.

This applicant will still have to meet the other criteria to secure a travel exemption including applying for the exemption more than two weeks but less than two months prior to travel and submitting a travel itinerary.

Applicants must also take into account that their Prospective Marriage visa must have been granted for them to be eligible for a travel exemption.

With this in mind, planning and administration of any travel to Australia is essential and the earlier you start planning the better.

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