Distinguished Talent Visa (Subclass 124)


The Distinguished Talent Visa is specifically designed for people who are internationally recognised for exceptional and outstanding achievement in one of the following;

  • a profession
  • the arts
  • sport, research or academia.

The Distinguished Talent visa has 2 subclasses i.e. (subclass 858 onshore and 124 offshore). To apply for subclass 124 an applicant must be outside Australia when this visa is lodged.

An applicant will need to be active in the field of expertise and will need University sponsorship. This visa allows the applicant and dependent family members to live as permanent residents in Australia.

Visa Requirements:

Applicants may be eligible for this visa if they:

  • have University sponsorship
  • must have a record of exceptional and outstanding achievement and must be internationally recognised in a profession, the arts, sport, research or academia.
  • have relevant qualifications and/or awards received by internationally recognised institutions.
  • have evidence that the applicant is still prominent in the field.