Update on the Processing of Perth RSMS Applications


Update on the Processing of Perth RSMS Applications

The new Instrument applies to applications lodged from 17 November and will not be affected retrospectively.

Under the new Instrument [Legislative Instrument IMMI 17/059] the Perth metropolitan area is not considered regional for RSMS applications.

RSMS applications in the Perth metropolitan area that were lodged before the 13 March 2017 with RCB certification will proceed to assessment.

Those RSMS applications lodged from 13 March 2017 onwards do not have RCB certification as the WA government’s RCB declined to provide certification. These applications will be finalised and as they cannot be approved without RCB certification, will be offered the option to withdraw or be refused.

The department has since confirmed that this means that those applications lodged before 13 March 2017 with RCB certification from Perth will proceed to assessment AND when they are assessed the consideration of sub-subparagraph 5.19(4)(h)(ii)(A), which is a time of decision matter, will use the old Instrument and Perth will be acceptable for those applications.

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