Populist drum beats, wrong numbers drive our migration debate


Cyrus Mistry (Owner & Principal Migration Consultant) has reviewed the following article published by The Sydney Morning Herald by Michael Pascoe “Populist drum beats, wrong numbers drive our migration debate”.

I fully concur with Micheal Pascoe’s observations. Many researchers have proved that migrants “create” jobs rather than take jobs away. I read a Canadian research article that states that for every ten migrants 10.1 jobs get created.

This is because 10 migrants come with 22 human beings (spouse, children) and this leads to more jobs. But migrants cannot vote only Citizens can vote and now there is a new election coming up in Australia….. need I say any more?

Populist drum beats, wrong numbers drive our migration debate by The Sydney Morning Herald.

As the populist drums beat louder for cutting Australian immigration, the numbers used to attack the program get ropier, ranging from questionable statistical concepts and oversights to the simply inane.

In the former category, we’re arguably overstating annual net overseas migration (NOM) by about 20 per cent.

In the latter, there’s Dick Smith’s “Do any of us really want to live in a city of eight million people?” question. Self-evidently, eight million people would, just as five million want to live in Sydney now, 14 million want to live in London and 20 million want to live in New York.

While Dick would like to set Sydney in aspic, keep it as the sleepier town of his younger days, most of us have moved on with the busier, buzzier 21st-century city. Or you can move to Adelaide.

As the chorus blaming immigration for all society’s ills grows, numbers are selectively recruited to suit the cause, while a little perspective and the benefits we’ve gained from strong immigration are ignored. – Finish article by clicking here

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