Pauline Hanson wants migrants to wait 8 years to become citizens


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One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson wants migrants to prove they are “not criminals” and loyal to Australia.

A private member’s Bill has been brought before the Federal Parliament that seeks to increase the waiting period for permanent residents to eight years before they can apply to be Australian citizens.

The Bill introduced by One Nation senator Pauline Hanson on Wednesday seeks amendments to the Australian Citizenship Act 2007  and the Migration Act 1958, by increasing the general residence requirement for citizenship by conferral to eight years, up from current one year. The Federal Government, in its proposed legislation, wishes to increase the waiting period for permanent residents to four years, which is staunchly opposed by migrant groups.

Ms Hanson also wants citizenship applicants to provide evidence of competent English language proficiency before they can become Australian citizens, a proposal already wound back by the Federal Government.

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